21 febrero 2014


I´m a chapter from the blues…

The blues are all over me; you have to pay attention: Albert King spoke. Because this is where, paying attention goes...

Call it; stormy Monday

I remember the first time I met you it was in Austin, Texas in 1973, you were standing there looking –who is that skinning looking- -I was skinning- -straight out, just like a popsicle- -trying to pay attention always- that’s what you get for paying attention, they just play fast they don’t concentrate on no soul; but you got them both. –I ‘been, trying-


Match box blues

This should be easy for you... all you got to do, is remember back home, you know what I mean… when you’re sitting behind the house practicing on the olds good fellows, trying to get things together you couldn’t make up your mind; you know what you wanted to do, but you didn´t have it all together…you know?, but you didn´t know you wanted to try latter right.

Stevie Ray Vaugham,
That’s right-I remember those days real good –I know- I didn’t have any close, I didn´t had nobody to call, the same for you, so you had to get out there, to hit that, I´m not making no difference, so I´m going, I know I got to hitch out there, I´m going in anyway and when it happens… let it happen. I have to pay my due somewhere….listen…

Who in the devil is Stevie Ray Vaugham

I remember with the blues, I live magical todays, and future blues is gone; there’s no future dreams, they are all gone the best and the betters are gone, no blues smiles all the new ones don´t feel the black soul, it’s not a call of surrender it’s a call for my chapter of blues.

Like Albert King call: they didn´t pay attention, they don´t concentrate on, no-soul.

In blues there’s no time to breathe, there’s time to match sound and soul.

For all the ones that try hard to impress, it´s not having the best guitar or the best outfit neither the best girlfriend nor hair style; -it´s only matching sound & soul- not easy, but when you get to that: you´ll recognize humility.


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