15 julio 2012


Dollkraut/Pascal Pinkert
Pascal Pinkert/Dollkraut Hollandhybrid-techno: Loot

Singme a lovesong...

Video by: Julian Schleef and Daniel Brandt other video: Pretend - Park Bennett
Akufen/Marc Leclair
Marc Leclair /Akufen Montreal Electronic/Techno/Minimal/Dub:
Emika/Ema Jolly

Paul Frick

Paul Frick Berlin feat.Ema Jolly/EmikaEngland

Directed by: Aron Kitzig
Camera: Andy Haas
Reedited by: Daniel Brandt
Shot on Super-8
Starring: Paul Frick, Lenard Gimpel, Agata Felluga, Curzio, Nicola & the inhabitants of Rome.
        Music written and produced by Ema Jolly, Paul Friedrich Frick and Pascal Pinkert.


Jay Tripwire Vancuverhiteksoul-technohouse Jay Tripwire guest DJ mix for John Digweeds Transitions radio show.



Kate Simko hate love supplemental facts  
Jay Tripwire Move your body feel like this Bass Culture  
Motorcity Drum Ensemble HUNDRED20 Upper Alley  
Delano Smith - In Limbo Sushitech  
Jay Tripwire
Andrade permanent ban dessous 
Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - After All D'julz Main Remix realtone
jay tripwire hot and sour dirty unsigned
steroids to heaven hector remix get physical
Jordan Peak Move With It Huxley Warehouse Dub
Achterbahn d'Amour trance me up skudge remix acidtest
shenoda favorite hyper.colour
alex flatner and lopazz ourlove pokerflat
baker osaka nights leftroom
android cartel my hypnotist unreleased
dzeta and basile
perceptions Jay tripwire remix hot potato
chelonus jones deer in the headlights radioslave remix get physical

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