18 diciembre 2014

Arrival Prototype No. 7 is the sequence of the moozzik-Antology since 2006 – 2014 the No. 6 was an arrival from space to earth now; the arrival it's to Titan inside space. Mr. Bryan Olson gives the creative image with the “People of Titan” & does this exceptionally well, using the comic combination of beach-goers against the colossus of Saturn & its moon, responding to theories of discovering life on Titan & our expectations of what constitutes life in our principles.

Relax & enjoy the journey.

The world we knew is gone.

Tape A & B
Nekow Ra.pu From Sunset To Sunrise 
Robin Ordell The Shadow
Phil Cole Smocking Mirrow
Baby Ford & Zip  UFF Melchior Productions Limited Edit
 Taron Trekka Purple Magic
 Marco Geronimo
Jef K & Sasse Endless Maurice Aymard
Triptil Cu Dor
Tom Flynn She´s Nice
Oscar Cornell The Zazzy Substitución Alex Plastik
Alex Under & Ramset Gorrenzo Jacob Husley
Todd Bodine Rainbow Chasers Mihai Popoviciu
John Tejeda Sweat on the walls Sebo K
Rolando Mood Marker
Jonas Saalbach & Samuel Fach Great Minds Think A Like Yapacc
Patrick Chardronnet & Afrilounge Morning Poem Feat Phetote the Poet
Baby Ford Uff
Anea Elizabeth
Point G Headache
Marina Karamarko You Think I'm Crazy
Hackman Carry On Dub
Adriana Niculae Marker
Jonsson & Alter Brevet hem
Tom Ellis Dream Like
Android Cartel Tears For Time Pablo Bolívar
Conforce Love Hate


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