20 febrero 2013

all backwards/todo al revés

Some old fashion & modern aspects of life.
 Algunas cosas pasadas de moda y los modernos aspectos de la vida.
                                                                                    Kick them.

Love yourself & your expression they can’t go wrong…

People feel:

lies, hedonism, ENVY, selfishness, vanity, arrogance, jealousy, resentments, laziness, distrust, cynicism, hypocrisy

Be suspicious of…

LOVE, friendship, trust, humility, loyalty, truth, sweetness, amiability, happiness.

Accidental emotions: nothing is TRUE until proven otherwise.

Enemies are more your friends than your soul mates.

Black is light and white is dark.

No trust, no pain.

I’m not trying to brain wash you. You brain wash me, FIRST.

Stealing minds, a new job.
       Mr. Confusion.
This Mr. has it all confused

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