31 julio 2013

Unpretentious anthology

Since 2005 I had the opportunity to get to know more of the current electronic music, by that time in Mexico the progressive sound was kicking, so was by those days I got to know a friend that start to present me lots of varieties of sounds.

In a gesture of love & friendship he began to record –moozzik Antology-  in 2006 by the name: -moozzik-  mixed by Okarmann start the compilation with tech-house and electro darky beats the first set was beginning a list of 14tn sets since 2006 to 2013.

From 2007 the minimal concept starts a coveted route and is the year where three sets under the names of Fantazzik, Zzikfuzion & i-crash appear, Okarmann´s underground style defines he´s signature with the first two, i-crash is a response of an abnormality of the circumstances.

The name moozzik II appears for the second time in 2008, and minimal came to stay, the tracks in this set defines sounds with sensibility & purpose; the same year –It´s not 2 late- was made with a electric space introduction changing the atmosphere with darker sounds.

2009 was a silence year, in that year no releases but at 2010 three sets were cooked moozzik-TRES, Mrs Brown & moozzik-Higher; that year the sounds tend to be more organic specially the one in the middle, it defines a new concept of the anthology like a new beginning. TheHigher- one it’s completely dancing mood.

Alternative Movie Poster forSpace Odyssey by Laz Marquez
Edited by Kiip/it-dip
The year 2011 had two sets moozzik IV & oldtimes the first one it´s a propulsion design, with sounds that emerge the energy & the power required it´s a presentation of deep sound quality in the other hand we have oldtimes- this one is a compilation of past tracks, making a remembering of the beats from old days to now a days they all spice this soup.

DON´T MAKE ME WAITm5 are the ones that appear in 2012 at the end of the year this pair were record, the first one has a magnetic atmosphere, dancing concept and a bit of trendy. The second one it´s more acoustic, more progressive, kind of atmospheric version it´s a transition set that will mark another timeline in denoting the end from the second time-line giving the introduction to the emerging concept.

Arrival Prototype N°6, will become the last project from this compilation, it´s a historical point of view of sounds, mixing and concepts trough time from out of the orbit all these concepts, ideas & designs are process giving a secure, enjoyable, and pleasure return to earth.

This is the moozzik-Antology since 2006-2013.
The world we knew is gone.

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